Why is Delaware Pathways Crucial to Delaware?

Delaware Pathways stems directly from the “Delaware Promise,” Governor Jack Carney’s commitment that by 2025, 65% of Delaware’s workforce will earn a 2- or 4- degree or professional certificate, matching the percentage of Delaware jobs requiring one.

Delaware Pathways works hand-in-hand with key government and business partners to identify key Delaware industries with a growing shortage of skilled workers, and create Pathways to meet those future needs.

Delaware Pathways recognizes four-year and two-year degrees and industry certifications with equal importance and weight, especially since Delaware’s skills gap has identified significant needs in low- and middle-skill jobs.

Delaware Pathways provides holistic information that parents and students need to understand the various pathways to success, whether that means earning an associates degree, gaining an industry credential, or graduating from a university with a four-year degree.

Strategic Plan

Young Delawareans are the future of our state’s economic engine. As an employer, your ability to effectively on-board diverse talent when you need it is important for your long-term success.

Connecting youth to early work experiences will have a positive impact on their educational training and future employment. Discover the various ways your business can engage with students, and build your next-generation workforce.

For more information about Delaware Pathways, please read the Strategic Plan here


Delaware Pathways is made possible through collaborative work and partnerships with government, nonprofit, and community organizations to support the mission of better preparing Delaware’s future workforce for success.

Lead Partners

Core Priorities / Work Plans

Additional Partners Serving on the state-wide Delaware Pathways Leadership Team